Reputation Monitoring

Reputation Threat Services

Reputation Threat Services is designed to provide clients with advance, actionable intelligence to improve situational awareness, identify targeted threats and potentially avoid attacks altogether. NTT Security Threat Advisors work with clients to identify priority intelligence requirements specifically for their organization and continually monitor the threat landscape looking for signs that attackers may target the organization.

Proactive Threat Intelligence

Cyber attacks and threats that are specifically crafted for individual environments to achieve the attacker’s goals are a growing trend. To protect themselves, organizations need proactive intelligence about the threats and malicious actors targeting them. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have the internal resources and expertise required to perform this research and analysis themselves.

Client-Specific, Actionable Threat Intelligence

Unlike traditional threat intelligence feeds and automated tools, Threat Advisors analyze the exploit information, converting it into enriched, actionable threat intelligence tailored for each client. This focus helps to make sure each client is getting valuable intelligence that is aligned with their priorities.

Threat Advisors look for signs that sensitive client data, credentials or intellectual property have been exposed on the Internet. These are signs a breach may have occurred and mitigation actions are needed. By proactively seeking this type of information, Solutionary is able to help clients react quickly and limit the impact of targeted attacks. Additionally, Threat Advisors can make defensive recommendations before the attacks are manifested.

Integration with Managed Security Services

When the Reputation service is combined with Security Log Monitoring, engineers are able to develop custom signatures to detect targeted attacks. Threat Advisors also have visibility into exactly what is happening in the client environment.