Managed Targeted Threat Intelligence

The Managed Targeted Threat Intelligence service tier provides all the features in the Basic service tier as well as a dedicated Threat Advisor and additional features. The dedicated Threat Advisor partners with the client’s internal team, acting as an extension of that team, providing a much more comprehensive approach with manual threat research and a deeper understanding of the client environment.

Clients are able to interact directly with their dedicated Threat Advisor on a regular basis and are provided with quarterly executive threat briefings, advance access to research, executive monitoring, threat-actor dossiers and vendor monitoring. Solutionary also provides Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX™) packages to clients for specific threats.


  • Comprehensive client-specific view of threats
  • View existing target profile and exposed data
  • Actionable intelligence specific to the organization
  • IP reputation monitoring
  • Integration with ActiveGuard® detection
  • STIX threat indicator packages available*
  • Dedicated PSS Threat Advisor*


  • Achieve greater situational awareness
  • Identify threats before they are realized
  • Mitigate attacks more effectively
  • Receive intelligence data that is enriched and validated by industry experts
  • Extend internal staff by partnering with experienced Solutionary PSS Threat Advisor*

*Applies to Managed service tier only.

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