FireEye Malware Protection System

NTT Security Managed Security Services for FireEye MVX technology provides 24/7 monitoring and device management for FireEye products to help protect organizations from today's advanced persistent threats (APTs). FireEye is a leader in providing solutions designed to protect organizations from advanced malware and targeted attacks. The combination of FireEye MVX products with the security monitoring capabilities of the NTT Security ActiveGuard® service platform and expert device management makes security more operationally efficient, providing organizations with faster time to response, reduced false positives and increased visibility.

Advanced Malware Protection

As malware has become more targeted and increasingly complex, the ability to detect and respond to advanced malware is a critical component of a security program. Attackers use sophisticated malware and advanced threats like APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) to target organizations, threatening their infrastructures and the security of sensitive data. FireEye MVX products helps organizations defend against web-based attacks by supplementing traditional security technologies such as IDS/IPS, firewalls and anti-virus with sophisticated malware detection across the network segments needed by the client (Network, eMail, Web, Endpoint, Content, Mobile) 

FireEye MVX Monitoring

NTT Security provides 24/7 FireEye MVX technology product monitoring through the patented, cloud-based ActiveGuard platform and multiple, state-of-the art security operations centers (SOCs). Combining the advanced analytics in ActiveGuard with the malware detection capabilities of FireEye help to quickly identify, analyze and escalate web-based attacks.

As alerts come in, NTT Security analysts investigate the alerts correlated against all other security device activity detected by ActiveGuard to provide a holistic security view, notifying clients when necessary. This reduces the number of false positive events, saving time and freeing client internal teams to focus on other priorities.

FireEye MVX Management

The Security Device Management Service for FireEye keeps appliances patched, updated and properly configured. Trained, certified NTT Security engineers act as an extension of client internal teams, managing FireEye appliances on the behalf of clients. 

FireEye MVX Technology and ActiveGuard Advanced Analytics

The ActiveGuard platform processes billions of log lines a day from firewalls, IDS/IPS, network devices, applications, endpoints and more. Using big data analytics, ActiveGuard correlates events from these devices with alerts from FireEye products, providing additional security context to minimize the impact and spread of malware. NTT Security provides 24/7 monitoring for FireEye and over 200+ other device types to detect and respond to malicious activity.

NTT Security Managed Security Services for FireEye help clients:

  • Detect and respond to advanced malware
  • Reduce the impact and cost of attacks
  • Protect sensitive systems and data
  • Lower false positives
  • Increase visibility across their environment

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