ActiveGuard Tiered Services for Security and Compliance

NTT Security offers flexible service levels that clients can combine to create a cost-effective log monitoring and management program that meets individual client needs.

ActiveGuard Enterprise

ActiveGuard Enterprise provides reviews of all priority alerts in real time and delivers the most proactive security monitoring available, 24/7. ActiveGuard Enterprise is ideal for enterprise customers seeking the most robust managed security services possible. For those with compliance needs, the enterprise service level is fully compliant with the PCI DSS and a variety of other regulations.

ActiveGuard HPA

The HPA service level is a SOC-augmented service designed for environments that require real-time, 24/7 support response with SOC validation for high priority alerts. It meets the security needs of clients who want to proactively address the most critical threats to their environment.

ActiveGuard SIEM

ActiveGuard SIEM is a streamlined, SIEM-as-a-service offering designed for clients who need a cost-effective log aggregation and correlation engine. It is designed for organizations that want to maintain and manage security and compliance initiatives internally.

ActiveGuard for PCI

This offering is specifically designed to help customers meet network monitoring and management needs associated with PCI. It is ideal for any organization with a PCI compliance requirement.

ActiveGuard UTM

The ActiveGuard UTM offering is designed for SMBs and organizations with remote or branch offices. The solution provides a unified threat management (UTM) device as a single management interface.

All NTT Security Managed Security Services clients, regardless of service tier, have 24/7 access to the ActiveGuard security portal and the client’s dedicated account team.

Features Enterprise PCI HPA SIEM
Event Handling NTT Security NTT Security NTT Security and Client Client
SOC Validation Performed All Events All Events High Priority Events n/a
SLA for High Priority Alerts 15 minutes Daily Review 30 minutes n/a
Compliance Security Support All Alerts Ad-hoc High Priority Alerts n/a
Log Retention Online/Offline 90 days / one year 90 days / one year 90 days / one year 90 days / one year
Portal Access Included Included Included Included

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ActiveGuard Tiered Services

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