Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Vulnerability Management

NTT Security Vulnerability Management helps organizations protect their infrastructure by discovering vulnerable systems and providing tools to manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle.

Vulnerability Scanning Services for Security and Compliance

Keeping pace with new vulnerabilities, patches and updates is a real security challenge. Discovering vulnerable systems and updating them to protect against newly-emerging threats as well as existing threats is a vital part of any security strategy. Compliance mandates such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and others require regular scanning. Managers, auditors and executives require regular reporting to ensure that the organization's IT security posture is in line with compliance requirements, contractual obligations and risk management standards.

Make Vulnerability Remediation More Efficient

Making the scanning and remediation processes operationally efficient helps to improve security posture and reduce security costs. NTT Security provides multiple scanning services and service levels, enabling customers to design the best vulnerability scanning program for their organization.

The NTT Security Vulnerability Management process includes:

  • Identify: Real-time vulnerability information in a centralized database
  • Prioritize: Customized classification, focused remediation efforts
  • Assign: Workflow processing, automated ticketing, journaling of remediation
  • Manage: Collaboration between groups, simplified remediation tracking, custom reports and charts
  • Audit: An auditable record of remediation process from identification through close

ImageSelect from multiple vulnerability scanning services:

  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning Assessment
  • External Vulnerability Scanning Assessment
  • PCI DSS Compliance Scanning Assessment (ASV scanning)
  • Application Vulnerability Scanning Assessment
  • Change Enforcement Control
  • Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Management features:

  • ActiveGuard threat correlation available for Log Monitoring clients
  • As a self-driven, on-demand service – clients get full control
  • As a managed service, NTT Security scans on behalf of the client and the client retains on-demand control
  • Optional pre- and post-scan vulnerability analysis support
  • Asset driven scheduling, scanning and reporting
  • Integrated with and delivered in the ActiveGuard® Security and Compliance Portal
  • Supports multiple proprietary and commercial scanning tools
  • Quickly deployed and configured for individual IT environments and security programs

Get Full Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

With support for the NTT Security Vulnerability Lifecycle Management (VLM) platform or the Qualys vulnerability management system, NTT Security helps clients choose the best platform for their organization. VLM tools provide a fast and efficient way to integrate assignment, remediation, tracking and reporting tasks, even when dealing with extremely large numbers of vulnerabilities.

Let NTT Security help you design the right vulnerability management program for your organization.

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