SERT Quarterly Threat Intelligence Reports

The Solutionary Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) Quarterly Research Report includes highlights of security research conducted by SERT over the previous three-month period. SERT continually researches the global threat landscape and turns that research into actionable intelligence Solutionary uses to protect clients.

Informing and educating Solutionary clients about IT security is also a part of SERT’s mandate. SERT provides timely communications about security issues that have the potential to impact client environments. SERT delivers intelligence to clients in a variety of formats, including threat reports, email alerts, webinars, blog posts and white papers.

SERT Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report - Q4 2013

January 15, 2014

Topics Discussed: Malware Distribution; DomaIQ Malware Analysis; Server Vulnerabilities

SERT Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report - Q3 2013

October 30, 2013

Topics Discussed: Hacktivist Activities: OpUSA and OpIsraelReborn, Operation Ababil Phase 4, Spear Phishing; Anomalous ICMP; Tor Activity

SERT Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report - Q2 2013

Topics Discussed: Hacktivist Activities; DNS Request and Denial of Service Activities; NSA’s PRISM Project Exposed

SERT Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report - Q4 2012

Topics Discussed: Exploit kit research; Trending malware threats; Targeted vulnerabilities

SERT Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report - Q3 2012

Topics Discussed: Mass Distribution Malware; BlackHole - The Top Exploit Kit; Cridex; Most Frequently Observed Banking Trojan; Phishing Attacks Used to Spread Infection; Rise of Sophisticated Attack Toolkits; Months of the Zero-day; Attacks Targeting the Financial Sector

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