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Prevention Blog Series

Partner With Your Security Provider: A Fourth Step in Security

Loren Paquette

May 12, 2016 - Posted by Loren Paquette to Security Insight

Ounce of Prevention

I remember back in the day sitting in a classroom. The teacher would tell us to pick a partner and so we did. We picked our friend, or the person next to us, or the classroom dreamboat. It was simple then, because it wasn’t a terribly difficult task to complete.

As we got older, and hopefully wiser, we were asked to pick a partner to complete a task. This time, with more education behind us, we wanted a teammate that could help us complete the task the best. In other words, we wanted to win.

Security Partners want to help you win when securing your environment.

Through a process (whatever it may have been for your organization), you picked your security partner. There are some things you will need to take on together in order to get the best end result. Your partner needs to have the same information you have about your network. This allows a proper customized experience for your specific company and needs. A one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work as... read more >

eSymposium: Tackling Vulnerabilities

Zach Holt

May 03, 2016 - Posted by Zach Holt to Security Insight

Tackling Vulnerability Management

As an organization’s security posture grows, a number of responsibilities may fall under the umbrella of information security, whether it is under direct control of an information security program or delegated to another supporting IT department. One such responsibility is a vulnerable management program.

Vulnerability management is an important part of a matured information security program. At a high level, the objective of vulnerability management is to find and remediate all issues as they are identified. However, as you start examining the matter in-depth, you’ll find that you:

  • Need to have a process in place to determine priorities
  • Need to have more information than what a vulnerability scanner can provide
  • Won’t always be able to fix vulnerabilities; fix what you can and mitigate the rest

As with any good story, we’ll leave that last item for a bit and focus on the top two for now. After all,... read more >

Prevention Blog Series

Patch Your Network: A Third Step in Security

Loren Paquette

April 21, 2016 - Posted by Loren Paquette to Security Insight

Ounce of Prevention

This blog is a continuation of the Prevention blog series. The first blog, "Four Tips to Secure Your Network," discussed prevention and four tips to use to immediately help secure your network. The second blog, "Scan Your Network: A First Step in Security," was the first of four steps to assist with security, and discussed ways to scan your network. The third blog, "Secure Your Network: A Second Step in Security," covered the second step with ways to secure your network. This fourth blog will discuss the third step and how to patch your network. Links to the other blogs will be provided as they are... read more >

The Bathroom


Tim Roberts

July 08, 2015 - Posted by Tim Roberts to Security Insight

War Story Wednesday is a new feature series. On the first Wednesday of the month, Solutionary will publish a blog from one of our security practitioners that discusses a real-world engagement or “war story.” This blog is the first submission in the series.

Assessment Background

One of our Red Team Assessments started with a client who was very confident that we could not compromise their physical or network security. This sort of boldness can often fuel tenacity; regardless of what color hat (white, grey, black, Technicolor) you wear. This assessment was a free-for-all. That meant we were free to do whatever we could, without breaking anything and within scope, of course. Great, right? Well, the catch was that we only had a few of days of remote work and a couple of days onsite. 

During the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering phase of the assessment, and after performing some remote phishing and charming phone calls, we were able to gather a... read more >

Life's a Breach

Important Steps for an Effective Security Program

Brian Drexler

July 07, 2015 - Posted by Brian Drexler to Security Insight

Life's a Breach

There is no shortage of articles presenting the (shocking) statistics on how many companies have been breached and how many have active malware within the network. A Web search on “percent of companies breached” will return numerous credible results with numbers ranging from around 50% to above 90%.

There is a growing consensus in the information security space that we need to accept the fact that our perimeter is full of holes – that the “bad guys” are already in our networks and are sophisticated enough to avoid detection until after they get what they want. Only when the data exfiltration hits a level that triggers an alarm do we notice what has happened. By then, the bulk of the damage has already been done.

So what is an organization to do?


Everything is not created equal. That is especially true about the data in our environments. Yet, many organizations implement a... read more >

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