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Google Pixel and Apple iPhone security

Kyle Brosseau

January 19, 2017 - Posted by Kyle Brosseau to Security Insight

Phone Security

As we begin the New Year, many of us are still enjoying the new toys received during the holiday season — toys such as a new iPhone 7 or maybe even the new Google Pixel. Cell phones, like anything else, come with a variety of choices based on size, OS, manufacturer, storage space, screen clarity, etc. But do most people consider which devices are the most secure?

In our industry, people tend to make this the focal point of research before purchasing a new phone. But most of the time, others outside IT security do not. In this blog, I’m going to review some of the security features that the iPhone7 and Google Pixel offer, as well as a few of the areas where they are lacking in security or have vulnerabilities.

Google Pixel Security Features

First, let’s take a look at the Google Pixel and some of its security features. Unlike other smartphones, the Pixel uses file-based encryption rather than full disk encryption. This allows files... read more >

Five Things Enterprises with Mature Security Programs Should be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

George Hulme

November 18, 2015 - Posted by George Hulme to Security Insight

Give Thanks

Next week many of us will gather to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends to express gratitude and to give thanks. Many of us will overstuff our bellies and catch a football game. Whatever you and yours do, cybersecurity will – and probably should – be the last thing on your mind that day.

But that doesn’t mean enterprises can’t take some time to take note and express gratitude for significant security achievements this year.

Be Thankful For:

An accurate baseline of enterprise IT assets and data.

You know your business-technology environment. You know what systems manage your most critical data, and what public and private clouds and software services support those systems. When it comes to your network, you know your network devices and applications online, including desktops, servers, operating systems, applications, routers, firewalls, wireless devices and... read more >

The XcodeGhost in the Machine

Hacked Apple toolset delivers thousands of infected apps

Bob Bybee

September 28, 2015 - Posted by Bob Bybee to Security Insight

Xcode Files

“Trust no one,” goes the mantra of a great 1990s TV show, The X-Files.

Some things, however, we nearly always trust. A carpenter trusts that his hammer will drive a nail, and if it doesn’t, the reason is usually obvious. All craftsmen have to trust their tools, because we don’t have the time to build our own hammers and ladders. Yet for software developers, this means trusting very complex tools we can’t easily validate.

The most important software tool is a compiler, often part of an integrated development environment (IDE) with a debugger and other tools. These tools are like a genie, translating a programmer’s wishes (source code) into something that does his bidding (binary machine code). But sometimes the genie is a bit of a devil. I’ve personally found compiler bugs, cases where it didn’t translate my source code accurately. My own... read more >

The Samaritan and The Smartphone

7 Tips to Secure and Help Your Cell Phone Get Home

Chad Kahl

May 26, 2015 - Posted by Chad Kahl to Security Insight

Smarphone Security

Is your phone set up to protect your data and help it find its way home when lost?

Last night, while on a walk with my amazing wife, we discovered a lost phone on the ground.

Considering that within a half-mile radius of my house there are three churches, two schools, two parks and a golf course, this happens more often than you would think. I'd like to believe that I am a decent, responsible security professional. As such, my first thought wasn't "Hmmm. What can I do with this?", but rather "How can I quickly get this back to its owner?"

Sometimes this is extremely easy. Other times, not so much. This case met a few hiccups. To respect their privacy, I always try to touch as little of their data as possible. So, here’s what I tried to do to get the phone... read more >

Press Your Phone Here to Learn the Risks of Utilizing NFC

5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself

Chris Schwartz

April 02, 2015 - Posted by Chris Schwartz to Security Insight


Now that I have full control of your device – oops − I mean attention, let me tell you a little about Near Field Communications (NFC). With its adaptation into smartphone digital wallets, smart homes and apparently even whiskey bottles, NFC is becoming more mainstream everyday. I rescind my own reservation that this technology is just a fad.” 

With everything going mobile, as they say, I would love nothing more than the idea of simply carrying around what I could call the "Swiss army knife of everything that is me," otherwise known as my phone. It could be my driver’s license, my debit card and my computer all at once. This comes, however, at a daunting cost for the... read more >

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