Security White Papers

NTT Security offers white papers on a variety of security related issues including: malware analysis, DoS/DDoS, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), and Managed Security System Providers (MSSP). Download your complimentary copies today.

Healthcare Breach Response Study

December 01, 2015

Review an interesting analysis of an ISMG survey done with approximately 250 respondents in the healthcare industry. This study gives an overview of the survey results and responds with recommendations to healthcare industry professionals.

Four Approaches to Critical Incident Response

December 01, 2015

Incident response plans can be broken down in to four different approaches. Download this executive brief to see where your organization falls and find ways to improve your security infrastructure.

How to Write an MSSP RFP

October 05, 2015

Looking for best practices when it comes to writing an RFP? Not sure what you should be looking for in an MSSP? This white paper delivers answers to both dilemmas. Get your copy today.

Defense Strategies for Advanced Threats – Mapping the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls to the Cyber Kill Chain

August 27, 2015

If an advanced threat is detected before critical data is exfiltrated, the impact can be minimized. In this paper, NTT Security presents one approach to develop capabilities not only to prevent successful attacks, but also to detect attacks in progress.

Guide to Choosing a Security Assessor

January 27, 2015

Technical security assessments like: vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, application security assessments, infrastructure assessments and physical controls assessments help identify gaps and provide insight into an organization’s current security posture. This guide will uncover the key considerations to choosing a security assessment partner.

Threat Intelligence Defined

January 19, 2015

The term “threat intelligence” rapidly emerged onto the information security landscape over the last several years, and many security vendors now offer threat intelligence services to customers. Learn how to tell what "intelligence" they're really offering in this white paper.