ActiveGuard Security and Compliance Platform

ActiveGuard® Security and Compliance Platform

The patented, cloud-based ActiveGuard® Security and Compliance Platform is the technology behind Solutionary Managed Security Services. ActiveGuard is able to accurately collect and correlate vast amounts of data from virtually any device capable of producing a log file such as applications, databases, endpoints, firewalls, IDS/IPS, UTMs, WAFs, FIMs and network devices. ActiveGuard enriches gathered security data with a variety of contextual information such as vulnerabilities, assets, GeoIP, malicious hosts, privileged and non-privileged users to detect threats and increase accuracy.

ActiveGuard Secuirty and Compliance Platform

Solutionary services based on ActiveGuard include:

Advanced Threat Detection

ActiveGuard provides powerful cross-correlation and event-handling capabilities to recognize threats and reduce false positives, making security more operationally efficient. Using multiple detection methods – anomaly detection, statistical analysis and heuristic analysis – ActiveGuard is able to better identify and protect against advanced threats.

Security experts in the Solutionary Security Operations Center (SOC) provide additional analysis, validation and response for security threats. The advanced analytics in ActiveGuard, in combination with threat intelligence from the Security Engineering Research Team (SERT), help to detect advanced threats and zero-day attacks. With a large, diverse client base, Solutionary is able to leverage intelligence across thousands of clients to detect and respond to advanced and emerging threats faster than clients’ internal teams are otherwise capable.

ActiveGuard Security and Compliance Portal

Solutionary Managed Security Services include 24x365 access to the ActiveGuard Security and Compliance Portal. The portal provides multiple levels of valuable and actionable security and compliance information such as:

  • Complex, granular tools to identify, research, and solve security issues
  • On-demand security, compliance, and audit reporting
  • Evidence Log Vault to reduce compliance drain and streamline audit needs
  • Built-in ticketing as well as third-party ticket system integration
  • Complete, PCI compliant Vulnerability Lifecycle Management
  • Full-featured reporting infrastructure
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Unlimited accounts

The ActiveGuard Portal offers clients a consolidated view of security operations anytime, anywhere in real-time. All Solutionary Managed Security Services include access to the ActiveGuard Portal which provides customizable access to actionable information about all of the devices Solutionary is monitoring and extensive reporting. This consolidated view provides clients with enterprise-wide visibility of their environment.

Cloud-Based Managed Security Services

Solutionary utilizes cloud-based technology to deliver managed security services, providing effective security solutions that leverage clients’ current technology investment. This cloud-based approach gives clients the ability to expand services as their businesses grow and change. A cloud-based infrastructure also provides economies of scale that allow Solutionary to deliver cost-effective solutions.

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