IT Security Services for Manufacturing

Manufacturing organizations have enormous capital investments in plants and equipment, critical process control systems and demanding schedules. Every hour that manufacturing facilities are not producing shippable products has measurable dollar impact on the business. Malicious attackers are targeting manufacturers to steal intellectual property (IP) and to disrupt operations.

Security Services to Safeguard IP and Infrastructure

NTT Security IT security services help manufacturers avoid down-time from security incidents, protect infrastructure and safeguard sensitive IP, and comply with regulatory mandates. Operational processes, proprietary cost structures and customer contract data are extremely sensitive and must be protected from corporate espionage.

Protecting Production Systems

Production systems must be smoothly integrated into the overall security environment. New installations often include wireless networking, which exposes the enterprise to an entirely new set of threats. A Denial of Service (DoS) attack on a manufacturing facility can threaten equipment integrity or personnel safety.

NTT Security Services to Safeguard Data and Protect Manufacturing Infrastructure

NTT Security services help manufacturers cost-effectively safeguard sensitive data, protect infrastructure and comply with regulatory mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

NTT Security IT security services help to provide:

Up-Time Assurance: The NTT Security ActiveGuard® Security and Compliance platform was designed from the ground up to include volume and statistical thresholds to detect configuration failures and anomalous network traffic scenarios. Cyberattacks cannot always be predicted or prevented, but NTT Security Managed Security Services provide the necessary tools and expertise to detect impending attacks as quickly as possible, limiting the severity and duration of any outage.

Operating Data Protection: The ActiveGuard Platform is able to monitor databases, mainframes and endpoints where critical information resides.

Broad Support: ActiveGuard is able to accurately collect, analyze and correlate vast amounts of data from virtually any application or device capable of producing a log file, including security appliances, network devices, mainframes and endpoints.

NTT Security has:

  • Long-term experience providing security and compliance services for manufacturing organizations of all sizes
  • A significant customer base in the manufacturing industry
  • The ability to support security and compliance services globally
  • Experience and solutions in a broad base of relevant security frameworks (ISO, HITRUST CSF, COSO, COBIT) and standards (NIST, FFIEC, FDIC, and others)
  • Tailored reporting to meet management and regulatory needs