IT Security Services for Retail

Retail organizations of all sizes must protect their IT environments and the sensitive data they contain while maintaining compliance with regulatory mandates such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Because they often house sensitive data such as customer credit card numbers, social security numbers, PINs and other personally identifiable information (PII), retailers of all sizes are frequent targets for cyberthieves, fraudsters and malicious attackers.

Protecting Cardholder Data and Critical Systems

Protecting cardholder data, critical IT systems, web applications and e-commerce sites 24/7 is a complex and daunting task. Attack vectors range widely - POS systems, web applications, wireless networks, malware and more. Many retail environments are geographically distributed with numerous stores, distribution centers and branch locations. Because attacks can originate anywhere in the IT environment, it's important to secure and monitor these disparate systems.

NTT Security Services to Safeguard Data and Achieve Compliance

NTT Security services help retail organizations cost-effectively protect their IT environments and comply with regulatory mandates like the PCI DSS.

NTT Security IT security services provide:

  • Cardholder Data Protection: The ActiveGuard® Security and Compliance Platform is able to monitor databases, mainframes and endpoints where critical information resides.
  • Web Application Security: NTT Security Log Monitoring provides advanced web application monitoring. In addition, the Vulnerability Management service provides a Managed Application Assessment capability that leverages both commercial and proprietary application vulnerability assessment tools with self-service capabilities that can be integrated into existing development cycles.
  • PCI Compliance: NTT Security is a PCI ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) and a PCI QSAC (Qualified Security Assessment Company) with a large staff of PCI QSAs (Qualified Security Assessors). NTT Security Log Monitoring, Log Management, Vulnerability Management and Security Device Management services address many of the PCI DSS requirements.
  • Retail Store Solutions: Log Monitoring can be implemented for retail store based UTM devices as well as POS systems with specific service levels designed to meet PCI compliance while being cost effective and manageable.

NTT Security has:

  • Experience providing security and compliance services for retail organizations of all types and sizes
  • A long history as a PCI ASV
  • Tailored reporting to meet management and regulatory needs
  • A long history as a QSAC with a large staff - including executive representation of PCI QSAs
  • Experience and solutions in a broad base of security relevant frameworks (ISO, HITECH CSF, COSO, COBIT) and standards (NIST, FFIEC, FDIC, and others)