IT Security Services for Technology Organizations

Technology organizations must constantly adapt to evolving business requirements, customer demands and innovations. Growth for technology organizations is typically faster than other industries and can spike incredibly based on new releases and special events. IT security must scale along with business growth and adapt to environmental changes in order to protect intellectual property and to support new technology delivery models securely.

Detect Threats and Protect IP

Malicious attackers, state-sponsored hackers and cyberspies frequently target technology organizations to gain access to intellectual property (IP). Attackers employ a variety of threats and exploit numerous threat vectors to gain access to sensitive data. To detect threats and protect themselves from attack, technology organizations must employ IT security solutions that can detect threats 24/7 and are flexible enough to change with the business.

Cloud-based Security Services

NTT Security Managed Security Services, based on the patented, cloud-based ActiveGuard® Security and Compliance Platform provide 24/7 threat detection and the flexibility technology organizations require. As the business grows and evolves, NTT Security services can change, based on business needs.

NTT Security IT security services provide:

Scalability: The ActiveGuard platform was designed from the ground up to be highly scalable, supporting the smallest fledging start-up as well as the world’s largest technology companies. Rapid service provisioning and high throughput help to ensure full security event visibility even during periods of extreme demand.

IP Protection: To detect threats and protect intellectual property, ActiveGuard accurately collects, analyzes and correlates vast amounts of data from virtually any application or device capable of producing a log file, including security appliances, network devices, mainframes and endpoints.

Application Intelligence: NTT Security Managed Security Services can be tailored to match the technology delivery platform, including the monitoring of advanced web services and web application platform monitoring. In addition, the NTT Security Vulnerability Management service provides a Managed Application Assessment capability that leverages both commercial and proprietary vulnerability assessment tools with self-service capabilities that can be integrated into the existing development cycle.

NTT Security has:

  • Long-term experience providing security and compliance services for technology companies of all sizes
  • A large percentage of its customer base in the technology industry
  • Experience and solutions in a broad base of security relevant frameworks (ISO, HITECH CSF, COSO, COBIT) and  standards (NIST, FFIEC, FDIC, and others)
  • Tailored reporting to meet management and regulatory needs