Risk Assessment: Identify organizational risks, gaps in controls and develop prioritized strategy.

NTT Security Risk Assessment Services

Because risk measurement drives security strategy and budgets, it is imperative that organizations understand those risks, and that information security spending is properly aligned with business needs and goals.

Risk Assessment provides a detailed understanding of current risk exposure to help organizations make informed decisions and articulate the impact and value of security investments at all levels of business.

NTT Security Risk Assessments help organizations:

  • Identify and Prioritize internal and external risks to the organization
  • Evaluate the maturity of a security program using an agreed-upon framework (e.g., CMM, ISO 27001, or other standards or best practices)
  • Identify the desired future security state and capabilities
  • Prioritize Remedial Activities in a roadmap for achieving the organization’s information security goals

NTT Security Risk Assessments utilize a proven methodology of engagement with senior client management, business stakeholders, and technical owners to gain a comprehensive view of organizational risks.