CISO Advisory Services

Cyber Security Strategy, Planning and CISO Services

NTT Security provides cyber security advisory services throughout the security lifecycle, helping with cyber security strategy, planning and ongoing program improvement. Our consultants work with organizations starting to develop a comprehensive risk-based security program, seeking expert oversight to enhance an established program or looking for specific guidance for major elements of their security program. As the organization’s cyber security needs evolve, we can provide experienced, expert guidance.

Enterprise Planning and Strategic Services are designed to assist clients in planning their enterprise security program. Services include:

  • Strategic Security Roadmap Planning
  • Technical Use Case Development
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) Framework Development
  • Risk Management Program Development 
  • Data Classification Development and Mapping

CISO Advisory Services provide organizations with experienced senior consultants to review planning, provide research and independent input, build business cases, participate in advisory or oversight boards and serve as a member of the client’s trusted executive team.  

Functional Security Program Assessment, Planning and Strategic Services provide clients with guidance on specific elements of their security programs. Services to support NTT Security Managed Security Services include:

  • Log Monitoring Program Assessment and Support
    Assistance in the determination of log sources, device parameters, audit settings and collection mechanisms to maximize ActiveGuard® or other SIEM implementations. 
  • Log Monitoring Program Assessment and Roadmap Planning
  • Security Event Escalation / Incident Response Procedure Development
  • SIEM Rule Development, Configuration and Tuning Services
  • ActiveGuard Solution Design
  • ActiveGuard Implementation Planning and Project Management

  • Security Device Technology Fit Assessment and Support
    Review of objectives and use cases for security devices and products, with identification, analysis and recommendations related to device selection, sourcing and implementation. 
  • Security Device Roadmap and Migration Planning
  • Security Device Sourcing and Procurement Support
  • Security Device Implementation and Conversion Services
  • Security Device Configuration Review

  • Vulnerability Management Program Assessment and Support
    Evaluation of the goals and execution of programs to identify and remediate network vulnerabilities. 
  • Scanning Architecture and Device Deployment Design
  • Vulnerability Management Program Metrics Development
  • Scan Profile Assessment and Development
  • Scanning Plan Development