Critical Incident Response

Critical Incident Response Service

NTT Security Incident Response Planning, Testing, Management and Forensics services provide expert guidance and resources to organizations to plan and execute an incident response program to minimize the impact of IT cyber security incidents such as hacking attempts, data breaches, malware outbreaks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. NTT Security consultants who are experts in incident response, digital forensics, malware analysis and countermeasures work with clients to design and test incident response plans and respond to critical cyber security incidents.

Proactive Incident Response

NTT Security Critical Incident Response Services include prior planning, the integration of the NTT Security and client incident response teams and testing of the incident response plan. This will help ensure when an incident occurs, the response will be as efficient and effective as possible, with expert resources, proven processes and accessible log data.

On-Demand Incident Response

In the unfortunate event of a security incident, our consultants can move quickly to help clients manage and contain the incident while retaining important forensic evidence about the attack. 

Be Proactive - Incident Response Planning

Security frameworks and compliance mandates also require organizations to have a security program and an incident response plan. Organizations that can demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of their incident response plan has been validated by a third party will not only meet the incident response requirements, they will also be seen as being serious about their compliance commitments.

Case Study

Solutionary Case Study

The ABC Bank case study reviews how the NTT Security critical incident response team quickly identified an incident in order to mitigate future attacks and notify affected customers.

More Information

Critical Incident Response Datasheet

Critical Incident Response Datasheet

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