Proactive Incident Response Planning

Incident Response Planning, Validation and Testing services are proactive services which improve an organization's ability to respond to cyber security incidents quickly and efficiently, prevent the spread of the incident and minimize impact. Knowing what to do and who to call when time matters can help reduce the duration and mitigate the impact of an attack quickly. Having a security incident response plan and a relationship with a trusted security provider are crucial elements in fast, efficient incident response.

Assess and Validate Security Incident Response Plans

Experts from the NTT Security team work with the organization to assess incident response plans and procedures, and then test the effectiveness and execution of those plans and procedures, working closely with the organization's existing incident response team. This test or exercise will help ensure that the organization is prepared to respond to security incidents efficiently and effectively, as well as know how to work with the NTT Security Incident Response Analyst to augment response efforts.

Comply with Regulations

Security frameworks and compliance mandates require organizations to have a security program and an incident response plan. Organizations that can demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of their incident response plan, which has been validated by a third party, not only meet the incident response requirements but are also seen as being serious about their compliance commitments. Services include:

Phase I - Incident Response Plan Validation

  • Review of the organization's incident response documentation.
  • Gap Analysis against best business practices.
  • Assessment Report providing recommendations and guidance for overall improvement of the organization's Incident Response Program.

Phase II - Incident Response Readiness Testing

  • Incident response scenarios will be developed specific to the organization's vertical market and needs.
  • NTT Security will facilitate a scenario-based exercise with the organization's Incident Response Team focusing on the execution of the organization's Incident Response Plan.
  • Reporting will include recommendations for improving Incident Response planning and operations based on observed reactions to the scenarios.

More Information

Critical Incident Response Datasheet

Critical Incident Response Datasheet

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