Physical Security Assessment

Physical Security Assessment services can be performed on a stand-alone basis, or subsequent to NTT Security consultants being identified during an on-site, social engineering engagement. Physical security breaches can result in loss of data or much worse.

Physically securing IT equipment, network technology or telecommunications systems should be any company's first step in securing their information assets. Without implementing good physical security controls, all other security measures may be meaningless, and both malicious and unintentional damage can occur.

The Physical Security Assessment identifies critical information assets and infrastructure (for example machinery or inventory) as well as executive areas, and examines known and unknown ingress points and the effectiveness of barriers and access controls, both as designed and as implemented. 

The NTT Security methodology ensures that each of the four “rings” of physical security will be evaluated:

  • The location of the facility relative to surrounding buildings or areas
  • The immediate area around the facility perimeter and environmental systems
  • Internal locations within the facility
  • Human factor controls within the facility

Each of these four rings must be thoroughly researched, addressed and have controls implemented as part of a viable security program.