GTIC Annual Threat Report

The Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) has produced the NTT Security Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) based on threat intelligence gathered from thousands of customers via the NTT Security ActiveGuard® service platform as well as from global threat intelligence sources and real-world interactions with customers.

2016 NTT Group Global Threat Intelligence Report

April 19, 2016

Disrupt Attacks Often. Disrupt Attacks Early.
The NTT Group security companies – Solutionary, NTT Com Security and Dimension Data announce the release of the 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report. The 2016 GTIR is the most comprehensive report to date, pulling information from 24 security operations centers, seven R&D centers, 3.5 trillion logs, 6.2 billion attacks and nearly 8,000 security clients across six continents.

2015 NTT Group Global Threat Intelligence Report

May 12, 2015

The 2015 NTT Group Global Threat Intelligence Report contains global attack data gathered from the NTT Group security companies. Researchers analyzed log data, threats, vulnerability information and incident response engagements globally to compile the report. Download this year's report at the link above, or for an interactive format visit

NTT Group 2014 Global Threat Intelligence Report

March 27, 2014

Over 1,300 NTT security experts and researchers from nine regions, seven R&D centers and 16 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) around the world collected and analyzed approximately three billion attacks over the course of 2013 to produce the findings for this insightful GTIR.

2013 Global Threat Intelligence Report

March 12, 2013

The GTIR provides deep insight into and analysis of cyber threats that enterprises, governments and mid-market organizations faced throughout 2012. Get your copy today.

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