Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls

ImagePalo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls (NGFW) deliver policy-based visibility over applications, users and threats. Using NGFW, enterprises are now able to embrace Web 2.0 technologies while maintaining visibility and control, reducing total cost of ownership through device consolidation.

Ease Conversion from Conventional Firewalls to NGFW

Organizations converting from conventional firewalls to NGFW must understand how the new technology will impact their environments and be able to manage the additional capabilities NGFW offers.

Solutionary works as an extension of in-house teams to convert from traditional firewalls to NGFW and provide 24/7 monitoring and management of Palo Alto Networks NGFW.

Benefits include:

  • Conversion planning, tuning and management by Palo Alto accredited engineers
  • Full year of off-box log retention to comply with regulations
  • Faster time to security
  • Security intelligence to recognize threats and malicious sites
  • 24/7 monitoring by Solutionary security experts
  • Reduced false positives
  • Lowered device management costs

Authorized Palo Alto Networks Managed Security Service Provider for NGFW

Solutionary is an authorized Palo Alto Networks Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). Solutionary MSSP services include security monitoring and management services for Palo Alto Networks NGFW.

Monitoring Service

  • Compliance: 24/7 log monitoring and analysis as well as a full year of off-box log storage as required by PCI DSS and other regulations and standards
  • Threat detection: Detect malware, attacks and other anomalous behavior
  • Cross-correlation: Solutionary clients gain the enhanced perspective and security benefit of cross-correlation between other critical network devices and across Solutionary’s global client base
  • Reduce false positives: ActiveGuard proprietary correlation engine applies heuristic, statistical and anomaly detection to greatly reduce false positives
  • Cost-effective: Solutionary lowers the cost of security through economies of scale

Next-Generation Firewall Management Service

All Solutionary Active Device Management clients also receive monitoring services. In addition, Solutionary manages Palo Alto Networks devices including updates, tuning, rule changes and upgrades.

  • Conversion expertise: Solutionary engineers quickly and safely upgrade existing firewalls to NGFW
  • Management: 24/7 device management service to ensure compliance, health and continued effectiveness as needs change and threats evolve
  • Tuning: Increased effectiveness to detect malware and protect against known and new vulnerabilities
  • Security intelligence: Malicious hosts detection, cross-client visibility, third-party blacklists and custom rules address ongoing threats
  • Custom blocking: Customized blocking policies to address customers’ specific needs and objectives while reducing business impact


Accredited Managed Services Partner

Solutionary engineers have completed comprehensive technical training on Palo Alto Networks products, earning ACE (Accredited Configuration Engineer) accreditation and authorization to manage Palo Alto Networks devices.

More Information

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