Virtualization Security Services

Security Services for Virtualized Environments

Solutionary Virtualization Monitoring service delivers security services for virtualized environments. Using physical or virtualized versions of ActiveGuard® appliances, Solutionary delivers in-depth log gathering, analysis and correlation necessary to provide the security, compliance and change management monitoring clients require of their virtual environments.

Clients are able to realize the advantages of virtualization – reduced device count, faster deployment, increased energy efficiency and a smaller data center footprint – while getting threat recognition and response services from Solutionary to protect data and comply with regulations.

ActiveGuard Appliance Virtualization

Solutionary offers support for the virtualizion of ActiveGuard appliances and can deploy virtual ActiveGuard appliances for VMware virtualization platforms. To learn more about capabilities for virtual ActiveGuard appliances, contact us or complete the form on this page.

Virtualization Monitoring service features include:

  • Support for virtualized environments
  • 24/7 security monitoring and alerting
  • Security and compliance reporting