Compromise Assessment

Compromise Assessment

The Solutionary Professional Security Services (PSS) Compromise Assessment service provides a proactive alternative for organizations to have their network environment evaluated for the presence of possible breach activity and malware as well as the detection of persistent threats. Compromise Assessment services deploy technology tools at Internet egress points and on host systems such as servers and endpoints, to identify Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) such as stored malware artifacts or network traffic signatures.

Find Attacker Activity

PSS consultants perform comparative analysis of related assets for variances, which may indicate attacker activity. This service, combined with threat intelligence from the proprietary Solutionary threat intelligence repository and years of expertise are used to spot compromises that conventional anti-virus or anti-malware cannot detect.

Identify Indicators of Compromise with Digital Forensics

Solutionary PSS will report any red flag indicators of compromise found during the investigation and rate the seriousness of each find. The client can then choose to work with PSS on further investigation, which can include response management, digital forensics and mitigation of the possible identified compromise. Solutionary can also assist with defining preventative measures the client can take to reduce future exposure.