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Google Pixel and Apple iPhone security

Kyle Brosseau

January 19, 2017 - Posted by Kyle Brosseau to Security Insight

Phone Security

As we begin the New Year, many of us are still enjoying the new toys received during the holiday season — toys such as a new iPhone 7 or maybe even the new Google Pixel. Cell phones, like anything else, come with a variety of choices based on size, OS, manufacturer, storage space, screen clarity, etc. But do most people consider which devices are the most secure?

In our industry, people tend to make this the focal point of research before purchasing a new phone. But most of the time, others outside IT security do not. In this blog, I’m going to review some of the security features that the iPhone7 and Google Pixel offer, as well as a few of the areas where they are lacking in security or have vulnerabilities.

Google Pixel Security Features

First, let’s take a look at the Google Pixel and some of its security features. Unlike other smartphones, the Pixel uses file-based encryption rather than full disk encryption. This allows files... read more >

Social Media Exploitation

How social media makes you an easy target

Kyle Brosseau

March 10, 2016 - Posted by Kyle Brosseau to Security Insight

Social Media Security

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. (the list could go on and on) are all well-known social networking sites. They have all become popular communications media for the vast majority of people. Take a minute to think about what some of these sites might say or what information they might have about you. 

Got it?

Now think about that information and if someone with malicious intent might be able to use it against you. Below is a quick... read more >

Training for Cybersecurity Professionals

Effective communication is a key ingredient for a cybersecurity professional

Kyle Brosseau

October 28, 2015 - Posted by Kyle Brosseau to Security Insight


Being a cybersecurity professional has and is becoming one of the fastest growing and most sought after positions in the information security field. Many companies are starting to realize that they need to focus on security and find people that are qualified to handle their security needs. A qualified candidate is going to have the knowledge and understanding to identify, mitigate, and defend against these types of attacks. 

One additional and essential skill that these candidates usually don’t have, because there are more desired skills, is the ability to communicate effectively. I’m not talking about email or IM, I’m talking about presenting and/or public speaking. A recent study by (ISC)2  rated communication skills in the top five skills that make... read more >

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