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The 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report is out now

Jon-Louis Heimerl

April 25, 2017 - Posted by Jon-Louis Heimerl to Threat Intelligence


We are excited to announce the publication of our new Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR). The report is our most comprehensive one yet. Analyzing content from NTT Group companies and data from our new Global Threat Intelligence Center, the GTIR highlights the latest phishing and ransomware attack trends, and the impact of today’s threats against global organizations.

Most cybersecurity reports are meant for security professionals. They are not intended for use by anyone without significant security knowledge and experience. But we have taken a different approach for this year’s GTIR. We want to provide a resource for educating everyone with security responsibilities, from security and IT professionals through to executives, management, and end users. In today’s... read more >

The NTT Security Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC)

Global visibility, leadership and roadmap empowering detection capabilities

Rob Kraus

April 11, 2017 - Posted by Rob Kraus to Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

In a recent press release, NTT Security announced the formation of the Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) as a natural evolution of the previously established Security Engineering and Research Team (SERT). As a founding member of the legacy SERT, and current director within the GTIC organization, I am excited to be part of this next great step.

This move marks a significant point in the future of NTT Security in its ability to address security threats, as NTT Security must bring together its international threat intelligence assets, to further enhance our global capabilities.

The GTIC’s mission, under the leadership of Steven Bullitt (VP Global Threat Intelligence), is to apply actionable and detailed insight with a focus on reducing risk for clients and customers. GTIC will... read more >

The NTT Security SERT Q4 ‘16 Threat Intelligence Report

Key points: decline in attacks, challenges in securing the retail industry, and an apparent increase in nation state-sponsored cyberattacks

Danika Blessman

January 26, 2017 - Posted by Danika Blessman to Threat Intelligence

NTT Security SERT Q4 Threat Intelligence Report

The NTT Security SERT (Security Engineering Research Team) released its Q4 ‘16 Threat Intelligence Report today.

During Q4 ’16, NTT Security researchers observed a noticeable shift in the types of attacks from previous quarters – particularly exhibited by a much narrower scope of attack vectors. Several vulnerabilities such as Oracle Server Backup in the retail industry and Linux password files in the finance industry were specifically targeted – likely indicative of criminals identifying specific flaws and crafting attacks to fit, a sign of more sophisticated and directed efforts.

This shift was also evident in an overall 35 percent decrease in total security-related events across client networks from Q3 ’16 to Q4 ’16, including continued declines of 25 percent in... read more >

How Big Data is Advancing Cybersecurity

Brandon Louder

February 18, 2016 - Posted by Brandon Louder to Security Insight

Big Data

How many times have you heard a new technology or startup described as “innovative and revolutionizing,” “value added solution,” “disrupting industry,” or “making the world a better place”? Personally, I’ve heard these descriptions too many times to count. There are not many technologies that I can think back on and say “yep, they were right!” The advancement and application of big data, however, is definitely at the top of my list.

Big data analytics is an old “new” way of analyzing data. The concepts predate existing technologies, with probabilistic and statistical math. In the last few years, however, the technology has improved, making big data analytics simpler and more accessible. This old “new” way has recently become its own field of expertise and has revolutionized several industries.

Big data in the news

Investment banks now have people they lovingly... read more >

Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) Security

12 Steps for creating a safe IoT environment

Vance Baker

February 09, 2016 - Posted by Vance Baker to Security Insight

Internet of Things

It’s hard to not find ourselves in possession of one of the so many newly available gadgets, technologies and appliances intended to improve our life experience. Most, if not all, of these new gadgets fall within the classification of “Internet of Things” (IoT), a rather nondescript categorization of devices that use Internet connectivity for a variety of purposes, ranging from entertainment to home automation to enhancing communications. The uncertainty of how to safely introduce these new things into our homes can be a little disconcerting.

Fear not! This blog provides a few basic steps allowing you to create a safe IoT environment in your home to connect those new gadgets and use them safely and in rapid fashion.

Let’s get the precautionary considerations addressed straightaway. First, security standards for IoT devices are evolving.... read more >

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