In Denial?...Follow Seven Steps for Better DoS and DDoS Protection

This white paper discusses 7 ways to protect against DoS and DDoS attacks.

Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks vary in type and method, so there’s no silver bullet for stopping all of them. However, a proactive, layered defense and sound guidelines can help prevent these attacks and minimize their impact. This white paper discusses how the following seven steps can help to mitigate impact from DoS/DDoS attacks:

1. Conduct an enterprise risk assessment.
2. Create an action plan for preparing for, and responding to, DoS/DDoS attacks.
3. Gather information about infrastructure components.
4. Understand ISP options for DoS/DDoS detection and defense.
5. Implement and tune mitigation technology.
6. Review lessons learned after a DoS/DDoS attack.
7. Leverage monitored and managed security services.

In addition, the paper walks through specific security recommendations for protecting against DoS/DDoS attacks.

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