Customer Service

The client first approach to customer service garners respect throughout the industry and within our client base. Solutionary understands that clients’ needs are unique and must be addressed on a case-by-case basis. A high customer retention rate and corporate commitment to properly staffing engagements are only two examples of how we ensure customer satisfaction.

Each managed service client is assigned a dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM) for the full length of their contract.The SDM facilitates all of the client’s services and serves as the client’s primary point of contact, coordinating the efforts of the other teams on the client's behalf.

SDMs are knowledgeable about their client's account and their environment. This integral asset assures clients have an advocate for proper resource allocation and responsiveness. The SDMs are paired with expert technical and innovative teams, and a hands-on executive team, which make for an unparalleled "client first" experience.